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Braden Power

Braden Power is a seasoned real estate professional and cofounder of Power Properties. In 1990, Braden and his brother, Craig, established the real estate company. Since this time the duo has jointly purchased, renovated, and managed over 565 residences within 43 buildings throughout the downtown Dallas area.

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Professional Background

Braden Power is widely known for his work in taking some of the worst buildings near Dallas’ central business district and turning them into some of the most sought-after rental units in the Metroplex. For nearly three decades, he has been touted as an urban pioneer and has been responsible for much of the revitalization of Old East Dallas.

Braden credits much of his professional success to his commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether it is cardio, weightlifting, or sports, he has been committed to training his entire life. His training regime consists of cardio twice a week and weightlifting four times a week. Outside of cardio and weightlifting, Power’s athletic hobbies include skiing and tennis.

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Health & Fitness

Braden Power understands that positive impact that exercise has on one’s mental and physical health. For Braden, exercising provides a natural outlet to take a step away from his professional demands, hit the reset button, and on work on himself so that he can return refreshed and focused.

Furthermore, athletics have provided a continuous sense of challenge for Braden that takes you well beyond his comfort zone. These experiences provide valuable preparation for the challenges that are faced professionally. In order to succeed in the world of business, you need to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and take on new challenges.

In addition to working out and staying active, Braden prides himself on eating healthy and maintaining a strict diet that allows him to perform at a high-level every day. He only eats two meals a day, which are supplemented by a number of great Herbalife products. As Braden contends, Herbalife provides the best nutrition and weight-management products available. Their products are the perfect complement to a balanced diet and healthy, active lifestyle.

Braden Power is committed to helping others implement healthy choices into their own life. If you are interested in learning more, please check out Braden Power’s blog, covering a variety of health and fitness tips that will help you keep belly fat down, get better sleep, and live life with more energy.