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The world of fitness is at a constant change with trainers everywhere attempting to develop the latest and greatest in weight loss tactics. Though CrossFit may seem to be at the forefront of fitness trends, there is a new workout routine gaining recognition all around the world: POUND.

Combining the efforts of playing the drums and cardiovascular workouts, POUND is an exercise routine that involves lightly weighted drumsticks, known as RipStix, and yoga and pilates-based movements. Participants essentially play along with the lively music that accompanies their workouts, energizing them and burning calories for the duration of the session. Men and women of all ages are encouraged to take part, regardless of their fitness levels or abilities.

Started in 2011 by Kirsten Potenza of upstate New York, POUND was designed to not only help individuals achieve their physical goals, but encourage them to reach new heights in their personal lives as well through intense, energetic exercises. Today, there are over 10,000 instructors in over 40 countries taking part in this fitness movement, and effectively creating a community of likeminded individuals who wish to improve themselves in one way or another.

Some of the benefits that come with this unique workout include the hundreds of calories burned within a short period of time due to the constant movement, increased coordination and musicality, along with a number of mental health perks. Drumming has been linked to a number of therapeutic values. It can reduce levels of anxiety, increase one’s pain threshold, and release a massive amount of endorphins, improving the mood of those taking part in the musical activity.

High-intensity workouts have long been dreaded by the exercise community, with many criticizing their fundamentals. If not executed properly, these demanding workouts can result in serious injury. POUND, however, directs your attention to the rhythm of the music with each interval only lasting the length of each song (roughly 2-4 minutes). This distracts you from the inevitable exhaustion you’ll feel after these high-intensity routines, and by the end, you will have completed thousands of reps of varying technique.

If you’re currently looking for a new, unique exercise routine to escape from the mundane, search for the nearest POUND class in your area. As mentioned before, age, experience, and physical capabilities need not be considered. You are able to choose the level of intensity that you wish to perform at based on the instructor. If music is a necessity in your workout routine, there may not be a better choice than POUND. The high volume, energetic atmosphere will have you feeling electrified and more motivated than ever to make a physical change in your life.