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Developing an exercise routine and exercising in general can be difficult for any person. It takes a want to change, dedication, and motivation to achieve your fitness goals, which is easier said than done. If you find yourself struggling to find motivation, as many people do, consider alternative strategies; one of which may be the LifeBEAM Vi.

This creative piece of technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to encourage those exercising to keep moving and push themselves a little more, effectively acting as a running coach in the form of a headset. Through regularly monitoring your workouts and movement, Vi is able to track your goals in terms of weight loss, form, and endurance when performing cardiovascular exercises. As an added bonus, you are able to listen to music and even take phone calls through the innovative headset.

As you’re running or taking part in any type of cardio exercise, it’s easy to want to slow down and take a break, even if you are feeling the slightest bit of fatigue. After learning your workout habits, Vi can accurately encourage you during these times of exhaustion by reminding you of how close you are to beating a personal record for example. Should music be your main motivator, you can link your phone’s music library or Spotify account to listen to songs of your choice while exercising.

While the earphones do their job of keeping you entertained and motivated, the sensor worn around your neck can measure a variety of fitness metrics including your heart rate, the weather through a barometer, and an accelerometer, informing you of every factor throughout your workout. You are even able to ask questions, to which Vi will respond accordingly, like “what’s my heart rate?” Saying the phrase “step to the beat” will prompt the device to play a steady beat that you can follow with your movements.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Vi’s technology is its ability to learn and adjust your workout routine according to several factors, even so much as telling you to stay indoors or go outdoors depending on the weather. It will learn from your previous workouts and notify you of your heart rate and whether it is higher or lower than past routines, as well as take note of personal goals you’ve set, whether they are weight-oriented or for improved distance.

The LifeBEAM Vi is a truly beneficial piece of exercise technology that can help anyone struggling to push through a workout exceed their goals. If you’ve been experiencing a mundane workout routine lately, and are seeking a new source of inspiration, this innovative artificially intelligent device will make you feel as though you have your own personal trainer running alongside you through your entire workout.